Mrs Woollys General Store

Take a beautiful winter drive to Glenorchy on Saturday, 13th August for a day full of fun for the whole family

With a focus on UPCYCLING, things start at 10am with a gourmet BBQ breakfast and Market Day with live music and stalls from over a dozen local purveyors offering fresh produce, tasty baked goodies, local foodstuffs, wine and handcrafts.

Hangi dinner, bonfire, and the South Island’s premiere screening of Landfill Harmonic in the evening. Free workshops on upcycled artwork, gourmet foodscraps dishes, and found-object furniture and fixtures workshops, plus children’s activities, carboot sale, cash bar and more.

Advance tickets for the hangi dinner and movies at eventfinda - the rest is free!

Come join in the fun!

03 409 0051

64 Oban Street, Glenorchy, NZ
Opening Hours 10am - 5:30pm
Closed Wednesdays

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A Sampling of Goodies from Mrs. Woolly’s General Store

Fresh, healthy takeaway foods for your picnic hamper

Grab and go with an array of delicious sandwich wraps, layered salads, inventive little bowls of grains and goodness, and made-to-order pour-over coffee to nourish the body and fuel your fun.

Organic produce, fresh pastries and grocery supplies

Good-for-your-body ingredients ignite a foodie’s imagination with a generous medley of New Zealand-sourced basics and indulgences to make any tummy smile.

Imaginative gifts and inspiring discoveries

Something for everyone, from the unique memento of your visit to the South Island to the perfect find for Aunt Doris to that special something you didn’t know you needed.

Everything you’ll need to enjoy the wide range of breathtakingly beautiful hikes and things to do at the river, on the trail or in the valleys

BPA-free water bottles, hiking poles, binoculars, maps and guides, sunscreen, lip balm, a hat or that extra layer—stop by before or after you head up the valley to be sure you’re ready for the promise of a day you’ll remember, at the head of the lake and the heart of the mountains.

Meanwhile, over on TripAdvisor...

“Glenorchy, Kinloch and Paradise are all jewels of the south island but this is a glittering gem all by itself. If you do anything in the area stop by here. Just stop here, you couldn’t regret it if you tried.” CD, TripAdvisor
“Definitely a must do if you are a foodie. Excellent selection of food to choose from and gifts. But my real reason was to try the gelato recommended by TripAdvisor. It lived up to my expectations.” Janr20, TripAdvisor
“Ever bought a first aid kit, an amazing book for kids, and a fresh beef steak for BBQ at the same place? This store is truly general and really offers the atmosphere of a flashback to the 1920ies with modern flavor! A must see when visiting Glenorchy!” MItweltler, TripAdvisor
“There is a great range of high quality non-food stuff as well: the place is packed and requires serious fossicking. Take a break from Queenstown and whizz on up to the top of Lake Wakatipu and drop in on the Glenorchy General Store. Go there to buy interesting, nutritious food on your way into the Greenstone/ Caples/ Routeburn/ Dart/ Wherever.” Jacqueline405
“This is a little gold mine not to be missed at any cost. The store has the most yummy organic food and the most wonderful gifts and treasures that you really won’t want to miss. The staff are super helpful. Stop off here and get your sandwiches and cookies and drinks and pick up a few ‘one of a kind’ gifts to take home. I’m already having withdrawal effects and can’t wait to go back one day.” Nikki R, TripAdvisor
“A haven with heart.” 66Kiwi, TripAdvisor

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